Etude House Pink Box // Pink Bird Review April 2014

Hey guys! I know it's been such a long time since I've written a blog post or done a review. I got a new job, two new part time jobs actually. So I've been super busy trying to get adjusted to my new schedule. I received a Pink Box from Etude House over a month ago. I made a video review of the products so now here is the blog review to go along with it.

The focus of this Pink Box is Etude House's Magic Any Cushion. This is a primer with SPF 34 that can either be worn under your daily makeup or it can be worn by itself. 

Magic Any Cushion comes in three shades or should I say each one targets any skin issues you might be having. There is Magic Peach, Magic Pink and Magic Mint. Etude House sent me Magic Peach. 

Magic Any Cushion Magic Peach is meant to brighten dull skin. It comes in a cute compact with a mirror and a pad applicator. You take the pink pad applicator and press it into the sponge applicator to get the primer out. This is the first time I've used the new sponge applicator that is so popular in Korea. It's pretty neat!

As you can see, this primer is a bit light for me if I just dab it onto my skin. If I blend it into my skin though it's a lot better. I still wouldn't wear it by itself though because it is a bit light. I have been wearing it underneath my makeup. It really is a great primer. I usually work 5-8 hour days plus my commute is usually 3 hours going and coming back so I'd say this primer does it's job.

I was also sent these three fun Play Nail Sugar Powder Polishes. #192 Peach Bubble Gum, #193 Sweet Apricot Tart and #194 Mint Macaron. 

These colors are so bright and perfect for summer. The cool thing about these nail polishes is that their formula dries as a sandy texture. I've heard of nail polish like this but I had never used it before. I love it because it dries pretty quickly so if you ever need to do your nails and you're in a hurry this nail polish is great.

They also sent me this cute macaron case. You can put your Magic Any Cushion in it if you want. I keep it in my purse and put little odds and ends in it.

It's adorable isn't it?

So guys that is this Pink Box from Etude House. You can see I really enjoyed these products with all the pictures I took and what not. You can buy Etude House's Magic Any Cushion and the Play Sugar Powder Nail Polishes at these online stores:

Kollection K: Magic Any Cushion

Koko Color: Play Sugar Powder Nail Polishes

Well I hope you all enjoyed this review of these products. You can check out my review on Youtube as well. 

Again I am so grateful to Etude House for sending me these awesome products to try out. Check out their Facebook page here to find out more about their products. 

Have you tried any of these products yet? And if so, what do you think of them? Let me know! Until next time 


By the way I think my Baby Girl likes this polish, ya?! ^.^