Memebox #7 Review

So, this Memebox #7 review is long overdue. I'm sorry I made you guys wait so long. My unboxing video of this box has been up on Youtube for a bit so if you haven't already seen it you can watch it here.

This was the first Memebox I had bought so I was super excited when it finally came. For those of you who don't know what Memebox is, I'll explain.

Memebox is a Korean subscription box, equivalent to Birchbox or Ipsy but without the subscription. You don't have to subscribe every month like other subscription boxes. It's first come first serve. (And they sell out pretty fast so I would sign up for email notifications to know when new boxes are for sale) Regular Memeboxes are $23.00 a month plus $6.99 for Standard Shipping ($25.99 for Express Shipping). There are also Luckyboxes, which consist of best rated products from previous Memeboxes. Those are also $23.00. SuperBoxes consist of all full sized products. They usually have a theme for example SuperBox #3 was a hydration box filled with products to hydrate your skin. They also have SuperBoxes with products from only one brand like The Face Shop or Missha. 

I think Memebox is great because you get good quality sized products for a great price! Some products they give you are full sized and they are normally priced at $40 or up. What a steal right?!

Most Memeboxes come in sealed plastic wrapping and when you open it, you're greeted by this lovely pink box!

They always have a product description sheet because some items only have Korean on them. (I will learn Korean one day! I will!) This box came with six lovely items!

1. Missenscene 2x Curl Essence 30ml (Full Sized Product 150ml $10)

This is pretty much a leave in conditioner. This product is super hydrating and it smells wonderful. (I couldn't stop smelling my hair!) It doesn't leave a weird film on your hair like some leave in conditioners do. It's perfect. If you ever get the chance to buy it, I would do so. $10 is not bad! I paid $25 once for some hair conditioner and it did nothing for my hair :-/

You guys, I love this product and I really want the full sized one because it makes my hair feel so soft and it makes my hair so much more manageable! I usually wear my hair straight for two weeks and then end up washing it and wearing it curly for a month! I try not to use heat on my hair unless I absolutely have to. I have tried so many different conditioners and leave in conditioners (natural hair people problems...) but this one works so great on my hair. I have been looking all over for the full sized product and haven't found it yet. (If you find it, please tell me!) Luckily this was also one of the items in my LuckyBox #2 that I just received last week so it should hold me off until I find the full sized product. 


2. Leaders Insolution BIO Medi-Curing Mask Aqua Dressing 20ml (Full Sized Product 20ml $3)

These masks caught my attention because they contain coconut jelly in them. I thought that was interesting. Anything with coconut in it interests me because it's so good for you. This mask is very hydrating and has a lot of extra liquid in it even after you take the mask out of the pouch.

The downfall of this product (and someone warned me about this) is that the actual mask paper is so thick that it's difficult to keep on your face. (I took pictures of myself with the mask on but I look like a serial killer so I won't post them! LOL!)

UPDATE: According to my friend Rebecca from Hello Pretty Bird, there are two plastic layers covering the mask. The mask is sandwiched in the middle of these two layers. I received another one of these masks in my Luckybox #2 so I'm gonna have to apply it right this time. So disregard what I said up above.

3. Dr. G BIO-RTx Mentor Cream 5 (For Dry Skin) 20ml (Full Sized Product 50ml $35)

This is another favorite product of mine and I now use it everyday. These come in three different creams, Cream 7 for sensitive/acne prone skin, Cream 5 for dry skin and Cream 3 for oily skin. Memebox sent them out at random in each box. I have combination skin and it tends to become very dry in the winter so the one I got worked out great for me. 


This cream is slightly thick and is very creamy. It's too thick for me to use during the day so I use it at night as a night cream. I wake up feeling great because my skin feels so hydrated. A little definitely goes a long way. I love it and when I run out I'm going to need to buy the full sized product.

4. a:t fox Black Tea Makeup Designer Kit (Full Sized Product $23)

This was another full sized product featured in this box. The packaging is super cute!

This came with three eye liner pencils, one liquid eyeliner pencil, a lip and cheek pencil and nail decal stickers. 

The eye pencils are ok. I personally prefer more of a gel pencil liner or liquid liners. I kind of stopped using regular eye pencils awhile back. My mom likes to take my gel/liquid liners though so I've given these to her so she can stop using mine! LOL!

5. Recipe by Nature Slowganic Cleanse in Lemon, Green Tea & Adlay (Full Sized Product $18)

RE:CIPE by Nature is a skincare/cosmetics line in Korea that use natural/organic ingredients to make their products. These are sample sized products of the full sized products. Although on the product description sheet it says the full sized product is $40 you can get the Lemon Cleanser for $18 at

These products remind me of the vegan products from Lush. After wetting your face, you pinch a bit of product and spread it across your face using circular motions to cleanse your face. It left my skin feeling rather soft and smooth. I plan on buying the Lemon Cleanser once these sample sized products run out. I alternate between these and my White Tree Snow Exfoliating Scrub from The Face Shop.

6. Cartin Natural 100 Mineral Sun Kill SPF 42 PA++ 12g (Full Sized Product 12g $38)

That's a mouthful isn't it?! I had the hardest time saying all of it on my unboxing video! LOL! This is a makeup powder & sunscreen. Another Full Sized Product. This is originally $38 you guys! The applicator of this product is pretty cool. The pad is connected to the cap covering the product. 

You just dip the applicator into the product and blend it into your skin. It's a bit light on me but once I blend it properly it looks good on my skin. As you can see in the picture below I didn't blend it too well. Oops.

So that's it guys! Six products, three of them being full sized products. Such a great deal! I'm very happy with this Memebox. Unfortunately it's sold out and has been for a long time. Sometimes they do restock previous Memeboxes so make sure to sign up for their email newsletter to know of the latest Memeboxes. available.  If you haven't signed up for Memebox already you should. You get 2 Memepoints just for signing up. These are equivalent to dollars, 2 Memepoints = $2.00 You can sign up here. You can use these when purchasing boxes or products.

I just received my LuckyBox #2 so that review will be coming soon. I hope you enjoyed this review. Did you get this Memebox? If so, did you like the products as well? Have you received any other Memeboxes and have reviews of them on your site/blog? If so leave a link below and I will gladly read them! (I love reading product reviews by others, weird right?!)

Here is my unboxing video of this Memebox. Make sure to like comment & subscribe! 

Until next time, XOXO