Five Things Friday - Music Edition

I know, I know. It's Saturday and this post is Five Things Friday

What happened you ask? Well going to the movies happened. Life happened and by the time I got home I passed out I was so tired. So here I am bringing to you Five Things Friday....on a Saturday. That's ok though because I put a little twist in it this week. Instead of sharing things with you, I'm sharing music with you this week. Exciting!!!

1. Latch (feat. Sam Smith) - Disclosure

My brother told me about this song and I seriously have had it on repeat ALL week! It's House music and the only other House music I really listen to is Daft Punk (Love Them!) but this song is making me expand my horizons for sure! Disclosure is a duo of brothers based out of the UK. I don't know how popular they are in the US but they are starting to get a following over in their home country. 

I love this song because there are so many layers and levels in it. The beat is contagious. The melody is somewhat haunting. Sam Smith, the vocalist, is a powerhouse. There's so much passion in his voice and I love it. You can check out the video below. 


2. Hold On, We're Going Home (feat Majid Jordan) - Drake

I've loved Drake ever since he came out with his first album. (I never watched Degrassi so I never thought seeing him as a rapper/hip-hop singer was weird) He's been in a lot of new songs lately but they're all hood/rachet songs and honestly (in my opinion) all those songs are just a bunch of noise, not music. But when he released his new single "Hold On, We're Going Home" I was like "This is the Drake I know and love!" 

This song makes me wish I had a boyfriend so I could dance with him to this song. It's not too fast, not too slow, it's just right. Drake's vocals are perfect and Majid Jordan's vocals are amazing too! (I thought he was Justin Timberlake at first) Check out the video below. 


3. Heartbeat - JJAMZ

Maybe it's because I'm going through my own dilemmas right now, but I love this song because I feel like I can relate to it so much. I discovered this band by watching VEVO videos late at night. (I felt like I was watching late night MTV or VH1) This song sounds happy almost but the lyrics are kind of sad. This definitely had an 80's feel to it and I love it. The video is kind of weird but that's ok, what videos aren't weird these days? I went to their website and found out they have a free download of the song. Score! If you like it, you can download it too. Check out the video below. 


4. Applause (Purity Ring Remix) - Lady Gaga//Purity Ring

When I saw this posted on Lady Gaga's Facebook page, I immediately clicked on the link to listen to it and I was blown away. First of all, I love the original, but this ! A Purity Ring Remix of the song?! No frickin' way! I must have died and gone to heaven! I adore Purity Ring and had the privilege of seeing them in concert in St. Louis. Their concert was amazing! They put on a great show and their music is just beyond me and that's why I love it! They're considered electronic music but to me they opened a whole new door of music for me. Their sound is so different and I love it. Deep bass, electronic and peculiar sounds bound together by airy yet dream-like vocals. Amazing. Lady Gaga, she's a genius! People may think she's odd, but she's so talented and creative. I love it. This song is a perfect blend between the two. The music behind it and the bass thumping is just amazing. If you have good headphones or great speakers I would recommend listening to it on them. Without it you can't hear everything and trust me there is a lot going on in this remix! I will be playing this on repeat this week. I hope you enjoy it just as much as I do. Check out the video below. 


5. Take Back The Night - Justin Timberlake

Oh Justin, you never cease to amaze me.  I swear I always smile and turn into my 11 year old fan girl self whenever I see him. I have loved this man ever since I was in 6th Grade and I don't plan on stopping. He is so talented, it's amazing. He writes, sings, produces, dances, acts. He truly is an all around entertainer. I admire him so much! I definitely want to be like him. When 20/20 Experience came out I went to the store to get a physical copy of the cd. I stopped buying cds years ago and went all digital but for JT, I needed the actual cd. It was that important. I swear I listened to that cd for a month straight. It is so good. When I found out there was to be a Part II, I flipped. I can't wait for it to come out but for now we have this wonderful song to keep us busy. 

I love this song because it reminds me of music from the past, when music was good, when it had feeling and soul. I know that's what he's going for and I love that about him. You know it's good when you and  your parents can groove to it. I hope you like it because I love it. Check out the video below. 

I hope you have a fabulous weekend and jam to these songs these next couple of days!  

xoxo Iquo


Five Things Friday

A week has come and gone. It went by so fast. I started my new job this week as a voice/piano teacher at the park district. It's really nice. My room is great! It's so spacious! I love it! I don't have many students yet but I'm sure I'll get more in the next couple of months.

Apple unveiled the new iPhone 5s & iPhone 5c this week. I can't talk because I have a MacBook Pro and an iPhone 4s, but they always keep coming out with new products constantly and lately they've been discontinuing products they just came out with. For example, the iPhone 5. They didn't say it directly but these new iPhones make the iPhone 5 obsolete. Why, because the new phones are pretty much the same thing with certain tweaks, it's a little faster, the camera is a little better. The only thing that's pretty awesome is the fingerprint sensor. That is definitely a cool feature. The thing that excites me the most is the iOS 7 update. It's available to anyone who has an iPhone 4 and up. They totally revamped everything! I'm excited because it's kind of like getting a new phone, in my case. That comes out on the 18th of September, two days before the new iPhones hit the store shelves.

Whew! Sorry for that little spiel. On to the five things!


1. Kitchen Tablet Holder from Mamie Jane's

Since we were on the topic of Apple, this seems so appropriate don't you think? I don't have an iPad but if I did, I would have so been making this, like yesterday! Jane's inspiration came from a Pottery Barn item very similar to this. I think it's gorgeous and perfect for someone who uses their iPad to look through and use recipes while working in the kitchen.

2. Sorrel Gold Leaf Charm Necklace and all jewelry from Milk + Crown

I discovered this lovely lady and her jewelry shop on Off Beat + Inspired They were have a giveaway of her jewelry (I think it's still going on so make sure you enter) and did an interview with her. Her jewelry is gorgeous and all hand made. I've gotta save a few bucks but once I do I'll definitely be buying this necklace. It's so petite and pretty! I love it! You can check out Kristyn's blog here.

3. Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them is going to be made into a   Movie 

If you don't already know me you should know that I am a HUGE  Harry Potter fan. I grew up reading Harry Potter so as the years went by I felt as if I was growing up with Harry Potter. (The books came out, or got really popular when I was 11, he was 11 when the first book started so I felt as if he was a best friend growing up) Watching the last movie was exciting and devastating at the same time. It was a great movie and yet at the end, it was all over. The official end of my childhood and the end of an era....or so I thought...

It was announced this week that J.K. Rowling and Warner Bros. are going to be making a movie based on "Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them" This is an actual book from The Harry Potter World and is mentioned in the Harry Potter books. The characters could take it out from the library and use it for studies, so it was really great when J.K. Rowling released it as a book.  

The fact that they're gonna make it into a movie is awesome. Will Harry Potter be in it? No. The book is set to 70 years before Harry Potter was born. But this is exciting regardless because the World of Harry Potter still reigns on and it's awesome! 


4. "You Need Me, I Don't Need You"  Polyvore Set by LadyWhimsy

Maybe it's because it's cold outside today (It's 64 F in Chicago today! It's freezing!!!) but this outfit looks so inviting! I just wanna jump into it. I love the boots, the purse and especially the sweater. Although I don't want summer to go, autumn is inevitably coming. 

5. Sherlock Holmes//John Watson Comparison from BuzzFeed

I found this article on BuzzFeed of these Sherlock & Watson photos from a blog (based in China actually; all the photos are from a Weibo account) comparing the different interpretations of Holmes and Watson from the Granada British TV Series of Sherlock Holmes, the BBC version of Sherlock Holmes and the infamous Guy Ritchie version starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. I haven't seen much of the Granada version but I know it's a lot different from the other two just by the little that I've seen. The comparisons are utterly hilarious! I got hooked on the BBC version a couple of months ago and I can't wait until Season 3 comes out. Of course I love the Guy Ritchie version with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law! Who wouldn't?! They're amazing! They have the perfect amount of action and comedic relief in them. Robert Downey Jr. is my absolute favorite! If that man wasn't already married with a child, I would be all up on that! Seriously! He, in my opinion, is the epitome of swag! Yeah that's right, SWAG! It's seeping out of his pores. Haha! Anyways I hope you all have a great weekend. I might end up at the thrift store today. We'll see. I'll leave you all with some lovely pictures of the BBC/RDJ versions of Sherlock. Hugs and Kisses! 


I know they aren't in character but I love this photo! They're so hot! 

Five Things Friday

So, this will be my first Five Things Friday post & I'm excited to share these wonderful five things with you guys!

1. Chocolate Chip S'Mookies from What's Gaby Cooking

These look SOOOO good! Just looking at them makes me hungry! When I stumbled upon this I swear my mouth instantly started watering! Funny thing is I have s'mores ingredients in the kitchen just waiting to be used. I just need to make some chocolate chip cookies...


2. DIY Upcycled Deck Furniture & Accessories from Offbeat & Inspired 

This deck is gorgeous! What they did to this furniture, how they brought it to life is just amazing! I love the colors and how they compliment each other. Love it!


3. DIY Jewelry Holder from A Pinch of Lovely

To the thrift store I go! This is so simple to make and it's so lovely. I've been trying to figure out how to put my jewelry out on display in my room because if I see it, I'm more likely to wear it as opposed to it being in a box and not wearing it. Her idea is great and her pictures of it are gorgeous!

4. Geometric Gift Boxes by Oh Happy Day 

These are fun! They're so bright and colorful! She's attached free printables of these to her post. I know they're gift boxes but I might print some out just for fun!

5. Mossimo Lovie Huarache Sandals from Target  

I like these, a lot! I remember my mom wearing huaraches often when I was a child. I actually ordered these the other day. I hope they look just as great on my feet as they do in the picture. They have some here in blue and pink and purple too. If I like the brown ones I might get the colorful ones too.

Which of these do you like best? (I like 'em all ^.^)