Memebox COSRX Box Review

Hey guys! I know that it’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted anything. Life has been pretty busy. Our family had a wedding this past week and I’ve been working like crazy at both of my jobs. Memebox has sent me different products to review and I would love to share them with you guys!

I was recently sent a box full of Cosrx Products to review. Cosrx stands for Cosmetics + RX. It’s becoming more and more popular in Korea. Cosrx is known for having AHA & BHA in their products. What does AHA & BHA mean or stand for you say? AHA stands for alpha hydroxy acid and BHA stands for beta hydroxy acid. Well know AHA’s are glycolic acid and lactic acid. A well known BHA is salicylic acid. I know that’s a lot so to put it in easier terms these are chemical exfoliants. Chemical always sounds bad. You think chemical, you think dryness or burning sensations. Not true. Exfoliating is actually good for your skin. If you have dead skin on the surface (we all do) AHA comes to play in that area. It will exfoliate the surface of the skin removing that dead skin we all want to get rid of. If you want to get rid of acne, blackheads or whiteheads or clean out your pores, BHA’s come in handy. It penetrates deeper to clean out all of the unwanted gunk we all loathe. 

Sorry for that skin care lesson but it’s good to know what’s in certain products before actually using them. Like I was saying Memebox send me a box of Cosrx products. Five products to be exact. Let’s get started then shall we?

COSRX Salicylic Acid Exfoliating Cleanser (150ml, $6)

Memebox Description: This creamy cleanser removes impurities and prevents future breakouts. It gently exfoliates the skin and removes white and black heads. It is formulated with salicylic acid and has tea tree to exfoliate and promote cell turnover rate and target inflammation. 

This is one of the products that has BHA’s in it, the salicylic acid in it. This is great for acne prone skin or for unclogging pores. 

What I Think Of The Product: 

When I opened this cleanser and tested it out while taking pictures, the first thing I noticed with this product was the smell. It is very fragrant. You can definitely smell the tea tree in it. It is very creamy. They weren’t lying about that. It foams up very nicely. 

How It Worked On My Skin:

Whenever I think of tea tree I think of deep cleansing or purifying. Tea Tree mixed with Salicylic Acid, I was sure it was going to be over drying to the skin. Surprisingly it was not too drying. It left my skin feeling super clean. Like squeaky clean. The tea tree is very strong though so if you are sensitive to smells you may want to skip this cleanser. I probably wouldn't use this everyday because using it everyday would probably dry my skin out but for people with oily skin, this cleanser would be perfect for them. 

COSRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner (150ml $12)

Memebox Description: This toner reveals smoother skin and targets uneven skin texture. Formulated with vitamins and mineral water, it’s meant to nourish the skin. The lightweight moisturizing formula promotes optimal skin absorption. 

This toner has 0.1% Glycolic Acid and 0.1% Bentaine Salicylate in it. Bentaine is a mixture of Bentaine and Salicylic Acid. It’s more gentle than Salicylic Acid so that’s why you can use this toner everyday if you chose to.

What I Think Of The Product: 

This toner has a slight smell to it. It’s nowhere near the smell of the cleanser though which is good. That would have been too may smells going on.

How It Worked On My Skin:

I used this toner with my Shiseido Facial Cotton. I didn't find that it was drying. At first I thought it was but it turns out it just left my face feeling very clean. Squeaky clean. It is very cool and refreshing on my skin. I ran out of a toner recently so it’s nice to try out a new toner.

COSRX BHA Summer Pore Minish Serum (100ml $13)

Memebox Description:A balancing serum that keeps sebum production at healthy levels. It’s formulated with White Willow Bark Water and it is gentle enough for all skin types. It contains naturally exfoliating ingredients that will improve the appearance of the skin. 

This serum has Willow Bark in it which has anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties in it. The Bentatine Salicylate will help purify and balance excess sebum. The Sodium Hyaluronate helps bring back fullness and volume to your skin. 

What I Think Of The Product: 

I was surprised to see a serum that’s so watery. It reminds me of a toner, that’s how watery it is. I’m used to all of my serums being so thick. I wanna say this is more like a treatment. You have to shake the bottle to separate the formula. It doesn’t really have a smell at all which is good, especially for those who are sensitive to smells.

How It Worked On My Skin: 

Like I was saying earlier, I've never seen a serum like this before. It was different. It feels like a toner. I didn't use my facial cottons with it because I didn't want the facial cotton to soak up all the product. I just used my hands. Like the other products it left my skin feeling super clean. I was sad that it's not very hydrating though. I prefer my serums to be more hydrating. 

COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence (100ml, $17)

Memebox Description: This power essence is made with 96% all natural snail mucin extract that will transform your skin by moisturizing and transforming damaged skin. 

I know people are always so weirded out about snail mucin or anything that has to do with putting snail residue on your face. It’s a craze that’s happening in Asia and in Europe (Not so much in America though) It is meant to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

What I Think Of The Product:

There is snail mucin in this essence so I assume that’s why this essence is sooooo sticky. It doesn’t have a distinct spell to it. It did make my skin tingle just a bit. In a good way!

How It Worked On My Skin:

This essence is more like a serum. It has snail mucin in it and I am telling you, you will notice it right AWAY! It is so stringy and slimy. It is more hydrating than the other products though. Again like the other products, it left my skin feeling squeaky clean.

COSRX Blackhead Silk Fingerball (12pc, $4.58)

Memebox Description: A fingerball made of 100% natural silk. Used to massage and gently exfoliate the skin to reveal healthy, youthful skin. 

So, is it sad that I was most excited to do use these?! I had heard about them and seen them online but never got around to buying them. Once you soak these for about 2-5 minutes You can use these. It’s meant for clearing up black heads and cleaning out your pores. 

What I Think Of The Product: 

I think the product is pretty cool. At one point in time those were out in nature and here we are put it on our faces. I think it’s so cool how they work.

How It Worked On My Skin:

This little ball has does wonders on my skin. I’m really self conscious about my pores and I swear rubbing it on my pores made them look smaller. I rubbed this on my skin and so much dirt came off. It was crazy. I need to use one again ASAP! 

Eww! Look at all that dirt! This is AFTER I washed my face too! Crazy huh?!

My pores don't look nearly as big as they were before I used the Silk Fingerball. YAH!

So guys, this box is pretty good. I think out of all of the products, I like the Silk Fingerballs the most. They're so unique. You can't find products like this in the states. If I could rate this box I would give it a 4.5 out of 5. Why 4.5 out of 5? If this box had a moisturizer in it, it would be a perfect box. It's got facial wash, toner, serum, essence and pore and blackhead treatment (the silkballs) The only thing that's missing is a moisturizer. Other than that, it's a great box!

You can't buy the box anymore but you can buy each product online at

Have you tried any of COSRX's products yet? Is this your first time hearing about it? If it is, let me know. Thanks to Memebox for sending me these products to review and to try. Until next time guys!


Etude House Pink Bird Pink Box Review // Give Me Chocolate

Hey guys! I'm back with another Pink Box review from Etude House. This one was actually a Valentine's Day themed box. I apologize for not posting it sooner. It's been hard juggling everything, my two jobs, my music and blogging, especially after my surgery. 

Anyways onto this lovely review.

I love the themes that Etude House comes up with. This box's theme is Give Me Chocolate. Everything is chocolate themed. (Obviously, LOL!) There are three eye shadows and I was sent two out of the three shadows. There are six nail polishes in the set and I was sent three nail polishes. 

The first eye shadow is called Cherry Truffle. The case that it comes in is so cute! It looks like a little chocolate bar with pink candy coating in a case. The brown shadow is a mixture of a matte and shimmery color. I would say it's a milk chocolate color. It's not too light and yet not too dark. It's a perfect neutral color to blend with colors that pop. The pink shadow is a subtle coral pink and has a creamy matte texture. It pairs perfectly with the milk chocolate brown shadow. 

The second eye shadow is called Cacao Fudge. The brown shadow (just like the other one) has a shimmery matte texture. The big difference between this one and the other one is that this brown is much darker. It's more like a dark chocolate color. It's a great color to fill in the crease of your eyes or the outer corner of your eyes. The gold color is a shimmery glittery color. It's a great shadow to put over your lid or to use as a highlighting shadow to go right underneath your brow. 

There were nail polishes from this chocolate theme that were sent to me as well. 

Mint Chocolate Chip is this awesome mint green color with flecks of brown specks and glitter in it. It seriously looks like mint chocolate chip ice cream! 

Cherry Ganache looks like a German Chocolate color. It's this gorgeous maroon red color. 

Milk Cocoa looks the way that it sounds, it's a milk chocolate brown color.

You know what's cool about all of these polishes? They SMELL like CHOCOLATE! Seriously! They smell so good! It's amazing! I love them!

I was also sent Precious Mineral Any Cushion Foundation as well in the shade of Natural Beige W13. If you already don't know about this, it's a foundation in a cushion. It's very build able. You can get medium to almost full coverage with this makeup. I would recommend moisturizing your skin before hand though because this formula is somewhat thick and if your skin is dry it won't take to the foundation very well. It might cake up on your skin. I also will be wearing this now and not in the summer because for me, at least, it will be too heavy for the summer time. 

I was also sent a sample package of Face Blur which a primer that is meant to blur your imperfections whether it's pores or lines. 

So there you have it guys. This box was pretty great! It was so adorable! I was really excited when I saw what was in this box. 

Don't forget to check out Etude House at They always have some awesome special going on so make sure to make an account with them so that you can find out about their offers first. Don't forget to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Their Youtube page is pretty awesome too. 

Until next time guys,


Memebox Superbox #53 - My Honey Box

Hey guys I'm back with another Memebox Review courtesy of Memebox!

What's Memebox you ask? Memebox is currently the #1 Beauty Box in Korea. But now it's not just popular in Korea but it's become popular worldwide. Memebox brings the most popular and best-loved products to you in a lovely pink box at an affordable price.

You can get 5 different kinds of Memeboxes. 

Original Memebox: This box comes packaged with 4-8 full sized & deluxe sample sized products. 

Memebox Special Edition: This box comes packaged with 4-8 full sized & deluxe sample sized products. Each box has a special theme like Cacao products or Honey products, Anti-Aging & etc.

Superbox: This box comes with only full sized products that cater to specific needs. Each box comes with it's own theme designed to target particular concerns or there's a collaboration with popular brands.

Luckybox: This box includes favorite products from previous Memeboxes that everyone ranted and raved about. It comes packaged with 4-8 full sized & deluxe sample sized products. 

Collaboration Box: These are boxes that are filled with products hand picked by beauty bloggers Memebox has chosen to collaborate with. They are usually very special and they sell out VERY fast!

As of right now, Memebox is not a monthly subscription. It's pretty much first come first serve so if you see a box that's popular and you want it you better buy it before it's sold out!

When I opened this box I was ecstatic because it was filled with Honey based products! Why the excitement you ask? Well honey has many healing and beneficial properties when it comes to skincare. (Also if you eat it too! LOL!)

One of the most important things is it's filled with antioxidants. This helps prevent aging. You know how if you slice apples and leave them out, they eventually turn brown? If you allow an antioxidant to cover them (ex: lemon juice) they won't turn brown. The same with our skin. The world is full of free radicals and oxidants which make us age and cause us to have wrinkles. If we use products with antioxidants in them, we can slow this process down. 

Honey is anti bacterial so it helps with acne and prevention of acne.

It is also clarifying allowing your pores to open up and very moisturizing. (Winter is here my friends! Winter is unfortunately here!)

Alright I know. Enough of the skin care lesson and on to what's in the box!

Since this is a Superbox all of these products are full size! (YAH!)

1. MIGABEE Antipollution RE-Peeling (100ml, Full Sized, Value $37)

Product Description:

This is a peel off facial mask that is meant to nourish and brighten your skin. It contains honey, bee venom (GAH!) propolis (Bees collect this from flower buds and use it to seal their hive) It's meant to help exfoliate dead skin cells, blackheads & white heads. It's also meant to help control excess oil and sebum leaving your skin clean and balanced.

My Thoughts:

It has an alcohol smell because it's a peel. Most peels smell this way. I found it was hard to peel this off my skin. Maybe I didn't put on enough, I'm not sure. It did leave my skin feeling very smooth afterwards. I noticed my skin was a bit brighter! (Probably because it took off dead skin...eww!) You are supposed to leave it on until it dries and then peel it off.

You can buy this at Memebox here:

2. Mi Click Manuka Honey Treatment (30ml, Full Sized, Value $5)

Product Description: 

This product is filled with high concentrates of honey and deeply nourishes and repairs your damaged hair ends. It provides intensive protein to your hair. It's also oil infused which will help renew damaged hair cuticles and make your hair feel silky smooth.

My thoughts:

This product smells great! It does have a very thick consistency. When it comes to my hair this product isn't going to last to long because of the amount that's given. I have very thick hair and a lot of it! I've already used it once already and about 1/3 of the bottle is gone 0_o 

It says to use leave it in your hair for 5-10 minutes and then rinse it out but I just left it in my hair. My hair sucks up moisture the way a black hole would suck up anything. LOL!

You can buy this at Memebox here:

3. Enesti Apple and Honey Shea Butter Hand Cream (50g, Full Sized, Value $5)

Product Description:

 This hand cream is heavily nourishing with a honey and vitamin-rich apple formula leaving your skin nicely moisturized.

My Thoughts:

Who doesn't love hand creams? Especially if you have to battle with winter every year! This hand cream is very thick and very fragrant! It smells so good, as if honey and apple had a baby! LOL! This is perfect for those cold & dry winter months ahead of us!

You can buy this at Memebox here:

4. From Nature Multi Effect Collagen Honey Mask (1 each, Full Sized, Value $1) 

Product Description:

This mask has high concentrates of real honey and collagen extracts. It delivers deep nutrition and improves your skins elasticity by creating a protective moisture barrier over your skin. It also contains 9 herbal ingredients that are meant to sooth and brighten your skin. After using toner, apply mask sheet on face and allow it to sit on your face for 15-20 min. (I usually leave mine on a little longer) Afterwards remove mask and pat addition essence on your face for full absorption.

My Thoughts:

I love love LOVE masks! Who doesn't love a good mask?! After a long day at work, it's always nice to come home and relax and watch some Netflix with a mask on. This is a mask I can't wait to try, especially because it contains Honey AND Collagen!

You can buy this at Memebox here:

5. EDMONG Honeybee Water Cream (50ml, Full Sized, Value $29)

Product Description:

Enriched with honey, propolis & green tea extracts, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and natural spring water, together make a moisturizing cream that strengthen the skins natural restorative properties. It's free of parabens, artificial coloring, mineral oil, benzophenone, BHT & talc. At the end of your skincare routine, apply evenly over your face and massage into skin for full absorption. It can also be used as a overnight sleeping pack (mask)

My Thoughts:

This product has it ALL! Look at all those extracts! Honey and green tea! You already know how great honey is for your skin! Green tea is also rich in antioxidants which help slow down the aging process. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which is good for people with sensitive skin. There's also aloe vera in it which helps repair damaged skin and keeps your skin moisturized. Another big ingredient, hyaluronic acid. it allows our skin to hold in moisture and it turn prevents our skin from aging too fast. This product is gel like and very cooling on the skin. Depending on your preference, you can use it as a moisturizer or sleeping mask. I've done both and my skin feels amazing afterwards.

You can buy this at Memebox here:

6. DAYCELL Essencial Honey Lift Massage Cream (150ml, Full Sized, Value $20)

Product Description:

This is perfect for dehydrated/or sagging skin. This products contains natural honey and collagen which provides deep nutrition for the skin and helps firm up it's elasticity by creating a tight-knit gel network on the skin. It's gooey texture also glides on smoothly and absorbs deeply into the skin. Massage into skin until it's completely absorbed and rinse ofd the next morning.

My Thoughts:

First of all, this smells AMAZING! I couldn't stop smelling it! I love the formula of this product. I love it's thick consistency too! It is very hydrating and leaves my skin feeling sooooo soft! Especially the next day! It's gooey and stringy almost like the Bounce Cheese Cream. It might be even thicker than that actually. I love it!

You can buy this at Memebox here:

7. Pure Smile Snail Lip Treatment Honey (10g Full Sized, Value $5)

Product Description:

Enriched with honey and snail mucus (0_o) extracts, grape seed oil, shea butter and more, this lip treatment moisturizes, nourishes and protects dry, chapped lips. Apply a small amount on your lips. Especially recommended for overnight intensive lip care.

My Thoughts:

The other day I almost spent $20+ on a lip product that would help my intense chapped lips. My lips were so chapped I couldn't even put lipstick on. I totally forgot I had this product and I'm so glad I remembered that I had it. It does wonders for your lips. It's almost like a lip mask. It's very thick in consistency and reminds me of Bite's Agave Lip Mask. It will be my life saver this winter, cuz that wind downtown in the heart of Chicago does a number on my precious lips.

You can buy this at Memebox here:

So guys this box is great! You want to know my favorite product in the box?

Can you guess?

It's the DAYCELL Essencial Honey Lift Massage Cream! It feels great on my skin and smells amazing! My skin looks so much better when I use this product!

This box is valued at $102! That's a lot for it only being $29

If you guys like this box and other Memeboxes, head over to the website now. There are so many different boxes now, it's hard to keep count! There's one for everyone! Right now the Cyber Monday Sale is going on until Dec. 7th. Get what you can. There are things that are already sold out. There is free shipping on a lot of products right now. Some are also 20% off.

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 I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving and a safe Black Friday. Until next time,


*Disclaimer* This box was sent to me for review purposes. My opinions of the products are my own. There are also affiliate links in this post.