Etude House Pink Bird Pink Box Review // Give Me Chocolate

Hey guys! I'm back with another Pink Box review from Etude House. This one was actually a Valentine's Day themed box. I apologize for not posting it sooner. It's been hard juggling everything, my two jobs, my music and blogging, especially after my surgery. 

Anyways onto this lovely review.

I love the themes that Etude House comes up with. This box's theme is Give Me Chocolate. Everything is chocolate themed. (Obviously, LOL!) There are three eye shadows and I was sent two out of the three shadows. There are six nail polishes in the set and I was sent three nail polishes. 

The first eye shadow is called Cherry Truffle. The case that it comes in is so cute! It looks like a little chocolate bar with pink candy coating in a case. The brown shadow is a mixture of a matte and shimmery color. I would say it's a milk chocolate color. It's not too light and yet not too dark. It's a perfect neutral color to blend with colors that pop. The pink shadow is a subtle coral pink and has a creamy matte texture. It pairs perfectly with the milk chocolate brown shadow. 

The second eye shadow is called Cacao Fudge. The brown shadow (just like the other one) has a shimmery matte texture. The big difference between this one and the other one is that this brown is much darker. It's more like a dark chocolate color. It's a great color to fill in the crease of your eyes or the outer corner of your eyes. The gold color is a shimmery glittery color. It's a great shadow to put over your lid or to use as a highlighting shadow to go right underneath your brow. 

There were nail polishes from this chocolate theme that were sent to me as well. 

Mint Chocolate Chip is this awesome mint green color with flecks of brown specks and glitter in it. It seriously looks like mint chocolate chip ice cream! 

Cherry Ganache looks like a German Chocolate color. It's this gorgeous maroon red color. 

Milk Cocoa looks the way that it sounds, it's a milk chocolate brown color.

You know what's cool about all of these polishes? They SMELL like CHOCOLATE! Seriously! They smell so good! It's amazing! I love them!

I was also sent Precious Mineral Any Cushion Foundation as well in the shade of Natural Beige W13. If you already don't know about this, it's a foundation in a cushion. It's very build able. You can get medium to almost full coverage with this makeup. I would recommend moisturizing your skin before hand though because this formula is somewhat thick and if your skin is dry it won't take to the foundation very well. It might cake up on your skin. I also will be wearing this now and not in the summer because for me, at least, it will be too heavy for the summer time. 

I was also sent a sample package of Face Blur which a primer that is meant to blur your imperfections whether it's pores or lines. 

So there you have it guys. This box was pretty great! It was so adorable! I was really excited when I saw what was in this box. 

Don't forget to check out Etude House at They always have some awesome special going on so make sure to make an account with them so that you can find out about their offers first. Don't forget to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Their Youtube page is pretty awesome too. 

Until next time guys,