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My name is Iquo. I have a Nigerian name that was graciously given to me by my Nigerian Father and my African-American Mother. "Iquo" means "song"  Such a fitting name for someone who's wanted to sing since they were 8 years old. That is why I have called my website "Iquo Is Music" because my name literally means music.

My love for music has grown over the years. I love all kinds of music. From R&B to Folk. From Jazz to Pop. From Hip-Hop to K-Pop. From Classical to Movie & Video Game Soundtracks. I love it all.

I think that no matter who you are, no matter where you are from, music can speak to you and touch your heart in the same way that it's touched someone else's heart across the world. I believe that God gave us music so that it would speak to us, comfort us and bring us together, to Him and to each other.

This site is a window to my life. You'll find everything on here from my music to my thoughts on life, love and happiness. Enjoy!