Five Things Friday

So, this will be my first Five Things Friday post & I'm excited to share these wonderful five things with you guys!

1. Chocolate Chip S'Mookies from What's Gaby Cooking

These look SOOOO good! Just looking at them makes me hungry! When I stumbled upon this I swear my mouth instantly started watering! Funny thing is I have s'mores ingredients in the kitchen just waiting to be used. I just need to make some chocolate chip cookies...


2. DIY Upcycled Deck Furniture & Accessories from Offbeat & Inspired 

This deck is gorgeous! What they did to this furniture, how they brought it to life is just amazing! I love the colors and how they compliment each other. Love it!


3. DIY Jewelry Holder from A Pinch of Lovely

To the thrift store I go! This is so simple to make and it's so lovely. I've been trying to figure out how to put my jewelry out on display in my room because if I see it, I'm more likely to wear it as opposed to it being in a box and not wearing it. Her idea is great and her pictures of it are gorgeous!

4. Geometric Gift Boxes by Oh Happy Day 

These are fun! They're so bright and colorful! She's attached free printables of these to her post. I know they're gift boxes but I might print some out just for fun!

5. Mossimo Lovie Huarache Sandals from Target  

I like these, a lot! I remember my mom wearing huaraches often when I was a child. I actually ordered these the other day. I hope they look just as great on my feet as they do in the picture. They have some here in blue and pink and purple too. If I like the brown ones I might get the colorful ones too.

Which of these do you like best? (I like 'em all ^.^)