Etude House Pink Box // Pink Bird Wish Lips Talk & Halloween Makeup Review

Hi guys! I'm back with another Pink Bird Pink Box Review. This box was sent to me around the end of September. The theme of this box is definitely Fall/Autumn themed. It includes the new Wish Lips Talk Lipstick and the Bloody Halloween Eye Shadow Palette.

This box came with a K Beauty Princess Manual, Volume 2. Look who's on the cover?! It's Krystal from f(x)! If you guys aren't already watching My Lovely Girl with Rain and Krystal you should start watching it! It's so good! It's one of the better K-Drama's I've watched so far! I love the fact that Krystal's character sticks up for herself and Rain is playing a character who is mature and is fitting for his age. I love it! I also love the makeup Krystal is wearing and I know she's wearing Etude House products! (I wonder if she's wearing the same shades I was sent!!!)

Along with the K Beauty Princess Manual, there's descriptions of each products that was sent to me.

This gives a brief description of the lipsticks and shows how you can wear them, as a gradient lip or full coverage lip.

Krystal looks so cute! I love her!

This is a brief description of the eye shadow palette that was sent to me. I was sent the Bloody Halloween one.

These are the different looks you can use with the shadows. There's also a lip color in the palette as well.

I love these K Beauty Princess Manuals! They show you how to rock different kinds of looks and how to get these gorgeous looks with their products.


I loved these tutorials. Chic Cat Eyes vs. Puppy Dog Eyes. I usually wear a cat eye, like everyday but maybe I'll start trying to do the puppy dog eye and switch things up a bit.

The Fantastic Color Eyes-Bloody Halloween Palette is cute and compact and yet has an array of colors in it. 

There are 5 eye shadow colors and 1 lip color. Starting from the left the light yellowish tan color is 'Pale'. It's a shimmery shadow. The lip color is called 'Zombie Kiss' and it's a dark burgundy color. The next color is a light peach color called 'Witch Hunting' and it's the only color in the palette that's matte. The next color is a a brownish maroon color called 'Funky Horror'. The next color 'Bloody Burgundy' is exactly what it sounds like, it's a shimmery burgundy. The last color is called 'Halloween Night' and it's shimmery dark brown color.

Although this is called Bloody Halloween, these colors are great to wear in the Fall (or at anytime, if you like wearing darker colors all year round) I always love making new looks with eyeshadows and this palette definitely has potential. I love that it's small and compact, so easy to put in your purse and go, especially if you need  a touch up. The palette has a mirror too which is very helpful. The lip color has a thick consistency, thicker than a gloss but has a nice pigmented color like a lipstick. 

I was also sent two lipsticks. These are a part of the new 'Dear My Wish Lips Talk' line. This formula has a soft melting texture and the colors are bright and pigmented. The two colors I was sent BE101 & PK003.

The applicator is so cute! It's got a cure bow on it! I love whipping these out of my purse. 

This color BE101 is a light beige color. It's perfect to use a nude color to wear a nude lip. 

The other color is PK003 which is a lovely darker pink lipstick.

The lipstick does go on very smoothly. It is a very creamy formula. It's actually very hydrating

The beige color is a bit too bright for my lips so I mixed it with my MAC lipstick 'Cream in My Coffee' and it looks great. I actually wore them together at my friends wedding this past weekend.

This color is gorgeous. I love a fun pink lipstick. This lipstick is so easy to put on and go. 

I was also sent samples of the Precious Mineral BB creams. I have yet to try them, but I'm sure they're great.

Again thank you to Etude House for sending me these lovely products! I love sharing them with you all. If you guys didn't already know Etude House opened their global online shop and it's lovely. I've already ordered some items and I'm loving them so far! If you sign up and make a free account you can earn points for every purchase and use those points towards future purchases. You can check out the online shop here

Make sure to keep up with Etude House on Facebook, Twitter & Youtube

Are you interested in these products, or have you already tried them? If so, let me know what you think. 

Until next time loves,

xoxo Iquo