Etude House Pink Box // Pink Bird Review - My Castle

Hey guys! It's been a pretty busy month for me! Thanksgiving has come and gone already! Black Friday as well! (Working 2 retail jobs, Black Friday was a looooooong day for me! LOL!) I've had this Pink Box for a bit but I'm just now finally getting the chance to share it with you guys. 

This Pink Box theme is the Pink Castle lotion set. 

It comes in a cute box showcasing the different lotions and their scents (and their colors!)

Each lotion looks like a house and has it's own unique look to it!

You can scratch and sniff the "door" on the lotion to see what it smells like before opening up the product! So cute!

Again the casing of these products is so cute! I wonder what the casing of them individually looks like as well!

First we have "Sweet Cookie" It looks like a house from the game Candy Land or Hansel and Gretel.

Look at the little person hiding inside! He's so cute!

This lotion is a light beige color. It truly does smell like cookies. It smells like a sugar cookie! I looooove sugar cookies!

You're probably wondering why I have my whole finger in the jar. I wanted to see if the whole container was full or not. It goes all the way to the bottom.

It has a thick, creamy consistency. Perfect for the cold winter days we have here in Chicago. 

Next we have "Pink Wish" It stood out to me right away because, well, it's pink. 

It looks like it should be one of Cinderella's guest houses! It's so cute!

This lotion is a light pink color and it smells of roses. I like the smell of roses so it doesn't bother me but some people don't care for that smell.


It also has a thick and creamy consistency. 

Then we have Forever Rose. I don't know why but it reminds me of Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Maybe it's the pretty gates that remind me of that castle.

This lotion is a pink/purplish color. It smells slightly of roses but it also smells of other fruits. The smell of roses is not dominant in this one. It reminds me of fruity perfumes I used to wear, like Britney Spears perfumes.

Like the other lotions, this is thick in consistency as well.

Last but not least we have the "Ice Frozen" lotion AKA the Elsa Castle! LOL!

There's a cute looking reflective mirror on one side of the castle. If I was a child, these would be my doll's castles. They are so cute!

The color and design of this castle reminds me of Elsa and Frozen. I don't know if that's what they were going for but that's what I got from it!

This lotion is a light blue color and it reminds me of something bright and fresh. You know how new laundry smells fresh. Kind of like that. It doesn't necessarily smell like laundry but it's got a fresh, slightly floral lavender smell to it.

It's also very thick in consistency as well.

So there you have it you guys! These lotions are beyond cute! They are perfect gifts for stocking stuffers I think those young and old will enjoy these! They are so adorable! You can find them on Etude House's website. You can buy them individually here for $6 a piece. You can also find the set that they sent to me here for $24.

Make sure to check out other goodies from Etude House on their site Starting on Dec. 3rd-Dec. 5th  they are having their Princess Days Event which is free standard shipping on all orders $50 and above. You know what that means! Christmas gifts for everyone!

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Have you bought these lotions yet? If so, do you like them? Would you buy these for your friends and family for Christmas? Or will you buy them for yourself? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time,