Items of the Week

If you guys don't already know by now, I love to shop. I don't always have money to buy things but you better believe I'll bookmark something, save up for it and buy it later. 

Lately I've been trying to be good, I've been trying to save and not buy as much. That doesn't mean I can't look though right? 

These are the items that I am loving the most this week and they're all at a reasonable price.

1. Clear Peach Blossom Case from Rifle Paper Co

I was beyond excited when I saw this new case available with Rifle Paper Co. I bought a different case from her about a month and a half ago and I love it. But you know me, I love cases. I can't have one for too long. So I can't wait to buy this. It's clear so it shows off the phone's color (In my case it shows off the gold...) but at the same time it has a lovely pattern on it! I love her illustrations. You have to check out her site. Her cards are beautiful! 

2.  Han & Leia Towels from Think Geek

I don't know about y'all but I grew up loving Star Wars. As a child I was in love with Han Solo. In LOVE! And I loved Han and Leia's love story. Han was never really one to express his feelings. But he did love Leia. I love the fact that he didn't realize Luke was Leia's brother so he got super jealous! He showed his feelings then! Lol! But it took a lot for him to say I love you. Even to Leia. She knew he loved him though. They're my faves and these towels pretty much sums them up! Lol!

3. Deer Mom Artwork from Oana Bedfort

I have been following Oana on her website for awhile now. She has the most gorgeous artwork. Her family is gorgeous! She has two beautiful children. I love seeing all of the new pieces she comes up with.  

4. Modern Wall Clock Kit from Brit + Co.

I was looking at these with my coworker and work yesterday and we were just ooh-ing and ahh-ing at how gorgeous these clocks were. They posted a step by step tutorial on how you could make you own clock. I was really excited to see that you can buy the kit at their online shop too!  

5. Happy Mail from A Beautiful Mess

This is something I actually already have. I asked for it for Christmas and I'm so happy I got it! You know I love Emma and Elsie from A Beautiful Mess. Everything they come up with is just so amazing. They now have a subscription service where you get about 10 greeting cards and other stationary goodies for $15 a month. $15 a month is a steal for all the products you get! They are so cute and so fun! I made a promise to myself that I was going to start sending out more snail mail to my friends and loved ones. You have to check out Happy Mail. I look forward to getting it every month. 

Well those are my items of the week! What do you think? Will you be purchasing them any time soon? Let me know in the comments below. Have a great weekend! 

xoxo Iquo