Urban Decay Electric Palette Review

This review is LOOOONG overdue! I've had this palette for a while now. I think after wearing some of these shadows to a music festival this past weekend I decided to finally write a review.

I remember when it came out. Everyone was pretty excited about it! Some people feel like the colors are too bright to wear as everyday makeup. I understand if you're a teacher or a business woman, this palette might not be your first choice. But you can always mix these vibrant colors with more neutral colors and still get gorgeous looks.

Just like the box, the outside of the palette has very vibrant colors.

These are pressed pigments, that's why the colors are so vibrant. As you probably already know (or maybe you don't) some of the colors in the palette are not approved by the FDA. They're approved in Canada and in Europe but not here in the States. So you are to use it to your own discretion. If you have sensitive eyes I would advise not buying this palette as it might irritate your eyes and/or skin.

"Ooh! Ahh!" Isn't it gorgeous! The colors are so vibrant! These pictures do not do this palette justice!

The top colors of the palette are Revolt (silver), Gonzo (light blue), Slowburn (red orange), Savage (bright pink) and Fringe (teal)

The bottom colors are Chaos (darker, true blue), Jilted (deeper pink), Urban (purple), Freak (lime green) and Thrash (neon yellow/green).

Some of the colors are matte shadows (Slowburn, Savage, Chaos and Thrash) while the other colors are shimmer shadows (Revolt, Gonzo, Fringe, Jilted, Urban and Freak)

The palette comes with a two sided brush. I heard some people love it and some people hate it. I like it because it's good for patting on the colors. I usually pat on the colors and then use another brush to blend the colors together. 

As you can see there are swatches of the colors against my arm. The colors are so bright and vibrant! I love em!

From right to left the first color is Revolt. This is a silver shadow. It's pretty but at the same time it has a lot of fallout so it's hard to wear it on it's own. I usually put it in the corners of my eyes to contrast with the other colors. 

The next color is Gonzo. This is a fun bright blue color and I've had fun mixing this with the purple color Urban. 

Next is Slowburn. I haven't really used this color too much. I don't know if I'm scared of orange or maybe I haven't found the right tutorial using this particular color. Regardless it's a beautiful color and I hope to use it more often.

Then there's Savage. This is a bright pink color. It's a bit brighter than it's sibling Jilted but it's still lovely. I hadn't used it much in the beginning but I'm starting to use it more now.

Lastly in this row there is Fringe. This is a teal color shadow. The pictures make it look more like a greenish color but it's not. It's more blue than green.

In this picture, the next color is Chaos. This is such a fun color to mix with Urban or even Gonzo. If you're looking for a deep, solid blue then here's your color. The pictures make it seem like it's purple. It's not! It's very blue!

Then there's Jilted. I really like this color. It's gorgeous by it's self and with other colors.

Then there's Urban, the lovely purple shadow. This is one of my favorites to be honest. Urban and Jilted are my two favorites. I love pairing these two colors together. The results are gorgeous.

There's also Freak which is a lime green color. I've dabbled with this color a little bit and the results are pretty awesome!

The last color is Thrash and it's so bright I that I haven't worn it by it's self. I have worn it with other colors and it turned out pretty well. I probably will need to experiment with this color and see if I like it by itself or not.

I know certain people might be scared of this palette but it's actually a lot of fun to play with. I've made some of my own looks up and I've followed tutorials on Youtube and have gotten some great results. 

The only downside to these shadows are the fact that colors are so vibrant, they can stain your skin a bit. I have yet to get the NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk but I will soon because every other primer or shadow does not create a protection barrier from my skin and the vibrant shadow. I also usually leave the shadow on for a long period of time but still it's weird taking off your makeup and seeing a pink stain on your eyes. 

Other than that, I love this palette! I don't wear it everyday, no, but I like to wear these shadows at least once a week or once every two weeks. Like I said before I have mixed these shadows with more neutral colors from my Naked Palette and have gotten some nice results. Here are some of the looks I've rocked using this palette:

To get the look from these first three pictures I followed Emma Pickes tutorial here on Youtube! You guys should check out her channel! She's great!

For this look I kinda followed Adriana Luna's tutorial on Youtube. You can find that here!

This last look I know I used a tutorial but I can't seem to find it at the moment. I will make sure to post the link though so the creator can get their well deserved credit. I wore this look this past weekend at the North Coast Music Festival and had a blast with my electric eyes! LOL!

I hope you guys have enjoyed this review. You can buy this palette at Sephora, Ulta and of course UrbanDecay.com for $49.

Trust me guys, it's worth it! If you have this palette and have rocked any gorgeous looks link them below. Until next time,

xoxo Iquo


*Disclaimer* I bought this palette with my own money. It was not given to me by anyone or by any company