Etude House Pink Box // Pink Bird Disney Princess Review


Guys I am BEYOND excited to share this Etude House Pinkbird Pinkbox with you all! So prepare yourself! I've got a lot of pictures! I'm always excited when I get a Pinkbox from Etude House but this one really had me excited because I had heard about these products online but I didn't expect them to send them to me! 

A little back story, I have always loved Disney, ever since I was a little girl! Ariel was my favorite Princess but Disney as a whole always mesmerized me! So when I opened this box and saw that it was filled with Disney Princess themed products, I flipped out!!!! 

I mean who wouldn't freak out with excitement by seeing these lovely products! 

Of course Etude House sent product descriptions of each product. 

Each product is based off a different Disney Princess! Snow White, Cinderella, Belle & Jasmine. (I wish they had an Ariel themed one too but it's ok)

Etude House also shows how to use each product, in more than one way. (Example: You can use the Snow White lipstick as a gradient lip or a full lip)

They also sent a sheet that mentions each princess and what made them so unique and special!

The first product out of the five that they sent me is the Cinderella Fairy Glitter Shadow in #1 Pink Glass Heels.

The packaging is way too cute! I love that they have Cinderella, her glass slipper and the castle on the box!

There are three different shades of this shadow. The one I was sent is obviously pink hence the name. 

The texture of this shadow is unique. It's not wet but yet it glides on so smoothly. You can either use a brush or your finger to apply it. 

It's such a beautiful color to wear by itself or to blend with other colors. I use the Naked palette almost everyday so I plan on blending it with colors from that palette if I want a slight smokey eye look.

The second product is Belle's Rose Cheek Blusher in Pink Shine Rose.

Look at Belle in her gorgeous dress facing her lovely castle!

I love the fact that this blush comes in a box that is shaped like a storybook. If you ever watch Beauty & the Beast (If you didn't, shame on you!) Belle was always reading books. Books books books! Beast even gave his library to her as a gift. It was filled with books. He knew that's something that she loved to do, read! So imagine my excitement when I saw this!

I cannot say enough how cute the packaging is!

This blush is a very light pink color. The blush is shaped like a rose! (HOW CUTE!!!) 

Since it is a brighter shade, it's seems to be more suitable for fairer skin tones. Regardless, I still wear it! The color is perfect for Spring and Summer. I probably wouldn't wear it for the Fall or Winter....BUT I love it so much so I'm gonna try to wear as long as I can! 

The third product is Snow White's Apple Red Lips Lipstick. 

Look at Snow White and her Seven Dwarves! I think this is so cute!

This gorgeous red lipstick goes on effortlessly & smoothly. You can do a gradient lip or full lip with this lipstick as you saw in the earlier pictures that Etude House provided.

I love wearing red lipstick. I usually wear my signature red lip, M.A.C. Ruby Woo but this is a fun red lip to wear. It's easy to apply quickly and go. 

The last two products are in the Jasmine Nail Kit. There are two colors. A teal color and a gold glitter color.

Again I love the packaging of these! I love Jasmine & Genie's (RIP Robin Williams) magic lamp silhouette. 

These colors match Jasmine's outfit from the movie! I always love Etude House's nail polishes! These colors are so fun! You only need one coat and they both dry very quickly! 

The nail kit came with cute nail decals as well! I love the magic lamp ones!

I put the Cinderella eye shadow on, with the Belle blush and the Snow White lipstick so that you guys could see the look of all of these together.

You can't really see the blush in the pictures unless I use the flash. You can kind of see it in this picture. 

Of course you know I have to take silly pictures of myself. Why wouldn't I?!

This makeup is fun and I always enjoy the products Etude House sends me. Again I'm so thankful that I am able to review these products and share them with you all! 

Some good news before I go, Etude House has an official online global store now! Those of us who don't have a Etude House store by us have been buying their products through different online stores. Now we can buy our favorite products from their official online shop! 

The shop officially opens October 1st but you can buy products now if you'd like. If you sign up now you get a free face mask with your purchase.

You have no idea how excited I was when I found out about this online shop! I hope you guys are excited too!

As of right now these Disney Princess products are not on Etude House's official global online shop but I'm assuming they will be when the store officially opens. You can find some of them on Kollection K though. 

You can follow Etude House on FacebookTwitter & Youtube. 

If you've already tried these cute Disney themed products from Etude House let me know what you think of them! And if you haven't tried them yet I hope you can get your hands on them soon!

Until next time loves,

xoxo Iquo