Reviews and Much More....Coming Soon

I apologize...I have been so busy it's not even funny! I've been working like a crazy person and I've been trying to have somewhat of a social life instead of just coming home and watching Netflix (Most of the time it watches me because I usually fall asleep I'm so exhausted)

I have so many different products I would love to share with you. I have purchased a lot of different products especially since I started working at Sephora. I can't wait to share my new finds with you all. 

I'm also working on my first EP album. My friend/producer and I are trying to finish this project soon so everyone can start listening to good music again. There will be more details on that coming soon.

I have some Memeboxes coming in the next couple of weeks. I have an Urban Decay Electric Palette review coming soon. I have another Etude House Pink Bird Pink Box Review coming soon. (I'm super geeked about it you guys!) And I have some fun OMG lip stains from Korea coming soon. 

Hope you are having a great summer! (It went by so fast right?)

Stay Sweet!

xoxo Iquo