ITEM OF THE DAY: Weekly Roundup

I. Totes Adorable Throw Pillow / Miss Modern Shop //  II. Pink Coffee Cup Cozy / Natalya's Studio //  III. Seed Paper / Botanical Paperworks //  IV. Etude House Don't Worry Hand Cream / Kollection K //  V. The Cocktail Chart of Film & Literature / Pop Chart Lab // 

Hope you all have been having a good week! Mine's been pretty busy. Here's the awesome items I found this week!

The Totes Adorable Throw Pillow is what it is, adorable! 

I love the Pink Coffee Cup Cozy! It looks like it would fit my coffee mugs just fine!

The Seed Paper is the coolest thing I've ever seen! I can't wait to start planting herbs and flowers!

I love Etude House and the Etude House Don't Worry Hand Cream is adorable! I love it!

The Cocktail Chart of Film & Literature is so awesome! I love the Edgar Drink! (Reference to Men In Black) Sugar and Water! Haha! Cracks me up!

Hope you guys have a good weekend! 

xoxo Iquo


Chicago, USA